Currently I am reading a book by Dr Phill Maffetone tilted ‘In Fitness and in Health’. I’m not that far into the book yet, however it brings to the forefront something that I have long thought of. We can be fit but it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re healthy. Actually I would argue that a big portion of age group and pro triathletes for that matter are far from healthy.

The introduction starts this way “This book describes a way of life; it’s not a diet book, exercise manual or nutrition guide. It’s goal is to help you regain your instincts about the kind of food, exercise and nutrition you need to be optimally fit and healthy for the rest of your life. No one knows better than you what your specific needs are”.

An underlying premise of the book is that it’s our responsibility to look after ourselves. You’re are research project of one. Unfortunately we have lost our natural instincts, our intuitive nature. We jettison responsibility in the hope someone else will cover for us.

Life is to be lived and to get the absolute most out of life the first step is taking responsibility. To improve our quality of life we each much take responsibility for each and every facet.

How do we do that? We start by asking ourselves some more tough questions, a self-assement as such. What is our day to day diet like? Are we putting aside time for recovery, not just from trainings like MMA classes in San Diego, but a times unplugging from the plethora of modern day over stimulus? What is our sleeping habits like? Are we getting enough? What about the training we do, is it balanced or always catabolic? Are you listening to the subtle clues your body gives you or do you just ignore them and hope they go away?. According to the leading health experts at Menprovement” It’s not enough to eat good food and regularly exercise to stay healthy as getting an adequate amount of sleep is equally important. ”

Life is a journey to be had, you’ll be faced with tough decisions to make, some may even go against your past held beliefs, beliefs that may have no solid founding. Open your mind and become your own research project.

I’m going to start challenging the way you look at things. Nutrition is a good one as I believe it is a fundamental to life. Nutrition lays the foundation to either health or disease. As Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. I’m not necessarily here to sway you to my ideas, but for you to also do your own due diligence and form your own opinions rather than just following the heard or because your GP said so.

We will start with sugar. The legal crack cocaine, but we can find other useful legal alternatives! You can start here with the 146 Reasons Sugar Ruins your Health. Triathletes by and large ingest copious amounts of sugars because they believe they ‘need’ to! Could this be one of the reasons of the endurance athlete myth of compromised immune system function when in peak fitness? Inflammation, especially chronic inflammation affects immune system function.

The time to live starts NOW!