Recently Pete and I got to speak with Gus and Jamie from the team at STRYD.

Who and what is STRYD? Well stride is a small company out of Boulder, CO that has been developing a cool little device that captures power in real time while you’re running. Pete originally put me onto them and then I saw there hugely successful Kickstarter campaign. I got in touch to do an interview to find out more and of course we became a backer. As coaches we believe in creating efficient athletes. While I always advise athletes not get caught up in the minutiae of data there are benefits of data when used appropriately. What I like about STYRD is that it is going to give an objective measurement ‘Power’ that we can use to improve our running training and in real time.

Now you’ll be able to see the direct correlation between improving a stride rate and seeing your power number lower (more efficient use of energy for same speed) or how your posture impacts the number coming back at you. Pete and I think this is an exciting time in running and are excited to be involved.

In Today’s Episode We Cover:

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