A few weeks back I got to speak at an event in Squamish, Canada with a couple other experts in their respective fields. One of them was Sylvia Rayner who was absolutely captivating in the way she spoke about the mind and how much potential we have locked up inside our heads. I knew within a couple of minutes that we needed to have Sylvia on a Fat Black podcast.

In Today’s Episode We Cover:

Here’s a little bit about Sylvia

As the undisputed expert in sports hypnosis in Canada, Sylvia Rayner’s dream is to help people free their mind to transform and create the life they really want. And this can often be done by kicking the bad habits & exhibiting abstinence from harmful habits. Hypnosis can be really helpful in giving your mind back the control it should have over your desires. If you think inebriation has clung for life, then get rid of the habit by hypnosis. You can also quit smoking with hypnosis, which is a simple yet obstinate addiction.

Since opening her practice in “the outdoor recreation capital of Canada” in 2012, Sylvia has worked with hundreds of athletes in Canada and internationally, from the amateur to elite/Olympic level, ages 10 to 60+. Her athletes have competed in ultra marathon, Ironman, soccer, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, skydiving, power lifting, CrossFit, ballroom dancing, breath-holding (yes—it’s a thing) and golf, among others.

Sylvia believes in the great potential for human change and empowerment, naturally, and is continually excited about the possibility of breaking boundaries—for the good of an individual and in pursuit of excellence. To Sylvia, sport is a metaphor for life and an opportunity for growth and self-knowledge, co-operation and spirit, as well as sheer enjoyment and a way to satisfy the “human animal” in us all.

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