Life is all about lessons – not mistakes – but lessons we can learn from to improve ourselves. For Kristian, 2014 was a big year for lessons. Today we lift the lid on what has really been happening with Kristian over the last 12 months or so and really get into the gritty about what lessons he learned and how you can avoid similar experiences. Stress management is about learning to identify stressors in your life that you can control, and focusing on those to avoid the overwhelm of stressors that are simply beyond your control. It is about being adaptive and responsive,  not reactive and we discuss some super important lessons on stress in this episode.

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In Today’s Episode We Cover:

We are sharing these fairly private insights from Kristian with you, to help people understand just where things can go with health. He has lived it full circle now and the good news is that if you are pushing yourself to that limit, there IS a way to get yourself back.

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