In today’s Fat Black podcast we get to speak with John McKenzie whom is the communications and marketing manager for Revbox. John has a big background in the cycling industry and I met him down in Melbourne, Australia in 2014 when a select few of us got to test out Specialized’s New Tarmac. It was here that John told me all about the Revbox from the hotel to Specialized HQ. I was excited as I had previously got to play with a wind brake erg early in my coaching career and these things were cost prohibitive until now. John put me in touch with Philipp Schacht the owner and developer from Revbox who was kind enough to get me on one of the few early models. What can I say other than Pete and I were blown away and so were the legs! Especially after doing some of our standard trainer sessions that had been done for years on Computrainers and Kickr’s. Don’t get me wrong, those trainers are good and have helped many athletes. I just put true wind break ERGs in another realm of athletic development.

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