This IS the most important thing you can do today. Watch this 10 minute video below.

Instead of what I was going to send you today, I believe this is more important, so today’s scheduled email I’ll send on the weekend or Monday. Tomorrow is QnA so don’t forget to send your questions through.

Today however – I want you to do one thing.

No matter IF your aiming for a personal best, a Kona qualification… hell even just to improve in any aspect of your life.

You need to watch this and it ties in with my teachings over the last couple of weeks.

And lookout for my favourite quote 4:07 in… it’s what you need to improve out of sight in anything.

A big thanks to James Staciwa for sending me this. As James said in his message. It’s definitely relevant in triathlon and what I have been harping on about of late.. the repetitive, focused approach.


Be Bold and Make Things Happen

Kristian “making you unstoppable” Manietta