Tomorrow here in Australia is 70.3 Busselton a flat and fast course and the day after is Ironman Australia which has a very solid bike course and now an essentially flat run.

Athletes are registered and the nerves are setting in.

Questions and thoughts running through the mind. Will I set a personal best, will I get that elusive Kona or 70.3 Vegas World Champs ticket?  The list goes on.

We all love to break our own personal bests. We aspire to fast times.

But do we ever spare a thought on execution.

We will never have control over the environment. As shown in Taupo in March, mother nature can reek havoc on the best laid plans.

My South African friend Raoul of Urban Ninja fame recently won his age group at IMSA. He finished second age grouper in a time of 9:32 – 15th overall but I can tell you, a time well off what he is capable of and what he has done before. Only four pros broke 9 hours, the conditions… crazy tough.. So while a time goal might not get achieved there is no way you can be disappointed with not hitting that mark when you execute to the best you can. Sometimes our best races are not our fastest. but as Raoul put it in his race report .. his best ever performance. For those about to race, even if it is not about age group wins … Raoul’s race is about overcoming and he did a stellar job. Salute.

What can we learn?

We need to start looking at our achievements in terms of how we executed on the day.

Did we follow our race day plans?

Were we reactive or proactive when the shit hit the fan? Let me tell you… no race is ever plain sailing and if you haven’t mentally prepared when obstacles show up, it is easy to crumble. But we always have a choice.

How about our fuelling and hydration?

What about our thoughts, and did we hold task focus or were we off with the pixies wondering why this feels so hard?

For those racing this weekend, make it happen… you get an awesome opportunity to execute and achieve your goals.

Think about the choices you have to make. Be willing to deal with them.

For those of us not racing, but training, working, living life … we get numerous opportunities to EXECUTE.

Make the  most of them.