Last night I was up late. Partly becuase I got my training session done and dusted for the day at 6:30pm which is late for me. The session could have easily been jettisoned as it was pouring outside, but how could I after posting this little Kekich Credo on my Facebook page and I have a fun event coming up this weekend.

“Real regrets only come from not doing your best. All else is out of your control. You’re measured by results only. Trade excuses and “trying” for results, and expect half-hearted results from half-hearted efforts. Do more than is expected of you. Life’s easy when you live it the hard way… and hard if you try to live it the easy way.”

So how could I not get out? I was on the mountain bike, mainly on the dirt and loving it and the rain was actually nice. I followed it up with a quick fast run off and then I made dinner. The goal of the evening was to keep Mack awake while we had dinner, then shower, put him to bed and then Charlotte and I would sit down and watch / learn from a info marketing coach I have just started to work with.

Best laid plans… dinner got made, we couldn’t eat it together as the little man (4 weeks old now) was a little unsettled. Daddy and son shower time, which he just loves and I must say I love too. Way cool. However out of the shower and Mack was not a happy camper again. An hour or so later after a feed and what feels like a marathon effort to settle him we get to sit down and start learning.

Within this first hour long presentation they show a video from YouTube below which says a lot. Everyday amazing things are happening yet we find reasons not to be happy. Having a new born as so many people before us know is hard work.. but how freaking amazing, words cannot describe the joy. The toys and technology we triathletes get to play with everyday.. WOW, the places we get to go – Awesome.

I hope this little clip resonates with you, becuase it did with me. Life is amazing, we are here to live life at OUR fullest capacity.

The world owes us nothing, yet we owe everything to the world to be the best we can be.