The power of the mind is second to none. We can transform any aspect of our lives by how we think, what we think and ultimately; how we act! That last point is very important.

Heres some tips for you:

1. See obstacles for what they really are. Do not build them up in your imagination. Study them and depreciate it but do not inflate it by fear thoughts.

2. Were do you see you own potential? Now raise that 10%, develop some wholesome self respect and believe in your capacity to do great things.

3. How we think we feel effects they way we physically feel. When you tell yourself you tired a process of events takes place and the nerves and muscles accept that ‘fact’. Obviously there is more to tiredness than thoughts.. but it is part of the equation.

4. See yourself succeeding. Visualise it, picture it and stamp it in your mind. Rewind and replay these images often. Daily is best. Even when things seem to be going badly, picture success and never doubt the reality of that mental image. Your nervous system cannot differentiate between an image/event experience in your mind versus the real world.

5. Immerse yourself someting bigger than yourself. It will give you enormous amounts of energy and not allow you to get bogged down in your own emotional difficulties.

Time for you to decide. Your life is in YOUR hands and I challenge you to expect GREAT things of yourself in 2011.

Get going.