I’m not perfect. I make many a mistake which I’m cool with, because it is the best way to learn. I have learnt not to be afraid of making mistakes.

Because if we’re afraid of making mistakes then we never action anything.

We spin the wheels and stay in our self imposed prison … our CZ

To be brutally honest with you, this post is as much for me right now as it is for you.

Getting old isn’t something that just happens overnight. Kekich Credo #83 “Nobody gets old by surprise”. You do realise life is short right… so why delay in taking the action on the things that are important to us.

As my business mentor put it recently – “Think about what you could accomplish if you really focus for the next 12 weeks. After all, that’s only 0.3% of your life. Surely you can commit to that, can’t you?”

It’s April 18 and 25% of 2012 is gone.. gone forever. Will youmake the changes TODAY that you know you need to make orwill another 25% pass, then another and hello 2013 (where did 2012 go?).

Let’s not waste life … because a life wasted … would truly SUCK!

You might be thinking what does this have to do with triathlon performance? It has everything to do with triathlon performance.

How do we know what needs to be changed? You know if you’re honest with yourself.

Uncomfortable eh!

Take time out for some introspection. How did I perform last week? Did I achieve what I set out to achieve? Yes or No. Why or Why Not. How can I improve? What mistakes can I learn from? What did I do awesome and did I celebrate that success (a simple, good job – to yourself can work wonders instead of always beating ourselves up… sound familiar?)

“I believe that one defines oneself by reinvention. To not be like your parents. To not be like your friends. To be yourself. To cut yourself out of stone.” — Henry Rollins

Do we have to wait to Monday to wipe the slate clean and start afresh or worse New Y ears Day?


Everyday we have a choice. We can continue to have that groundhog day feeling and continue on the path of mediocrity and continue to let others and life pass us by.

The biggest question is do we have what it takes to commit to one goal and see it through to the end? Because most people don’t. 95% of people are not disciplined enough to see their goals through.

That used to me be.. yep revealing warts and all here 😉 in fact my dad used to beat down on me with this. As harsh as it felt at the time he was speaking the truth. I learnt a valuable lesson from this and again I’m not perfect but I made some huge inner reflections and started to finish what I started.

Life changing.

I’m sure as hell dedicated to being one of the 5% of all the people on this entire planet that has what it takes to achieve greatness in any realm of life.

I want this dedication of myself and through this blog to inspire you to do the same.

If you think that 5% is a gross exaggeration, take some time to look around.

Each and everyday represents a new beginning and a chance, an opportunity to turn things around and finally join the 5%

You want to be a better athlete, you want to prevent illness and disease… then you need to be strong.

But what are the daily steps you’re taking to get stronger everyday?

What are you doing to escape the 95% .. the wasted life?

Did you get enough sleep last night? Or is staying up late, watching TV, surfing the net or doing work that could have been done earlier more important than your overall l ong term health?

Did you avoid all those inflammatory foods that endlessly capture your attention? Or is the taste of sugar, wheat and all those packaged processed foods worth the life of pain, inflammation, disease and prolonged recovery?

Did you do buy those TP Therapy Performance Tools that you need to or if you have them, did you use them religiously this past week?

Or because you can’t physically see the accumulating scar tissue it doesn’t matter. Suffice to say that moving more freely and being pain free is overrated eh.

Did you throw out those over controlling, biomechanic destroying and injury causing built up running shoes and start to transition into a neutral non controlling racing flat?

Are you taking a 3-5 grams of high quality fish oil every day? Or maybe the quality stuff is too expensive and you’re fine with the crappy quality of the supermarket variety and your health isn’t so important.

Did you eat enough green vegetables this week?

What about doing mobility work every morning? Probably the most important thing we could do to positively improve our musculoskeletal health. Ask any one with chronic arthritis if they wish they’d done things differently.

What about training consistency? How many sessions have you miss this week, month or year? In a week it may look small, in a year it adds up.

Have you been choosing to buy more high quality produce that is chemical/spray free or organic. In fact, moving to only eating produce grown and reared this way? You know you’ll pay it somewhere right… the ethical farmer or the doctor. Your choice.

Are you only buying grass fed meats, free ranging chickens and wild caught fish?

Are you only eating the more refined carbohydrates in the post session recovery window? or do you believe timing doesn’t matter?

Are you drinking clean filtered water (not from a plastic bottle)? Are you drinking 3.3% of your bodyweight in H2O daily?

Are you making excuses when the weather turns to shit or are you getting on your indoor trainer or treadmill or getting to the gym to do your session? Yes even if you have to buy a casual visit.

How much junk food is in your pantry?

How much mental/visualisation training did you do this week?

Have you actually listened to yourself, your subconscious self or don’t you think it matters?

We all have 24 hours a day.

The 22-23 hours that you spend not training per day are as important, if not more so than the time spent training.

Dedication is a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week commitment.

We all have 168 hours in a week.

Why is it that some can extract so much more out of this time, while others are wishing for more time?

You need to train each day with purpose. When your there… be there. No going through the motions. Train with your goals in mind.

Train like your life depends on it.

Strive every day to improve in some small way. Every day in every way I’m am getting better and better. Stronger, faster, fitter, healthier, smarter, and adding more value.

Do you have what it takes to push through when fear grips you?

Do you have what it takes to truly commit to that goal? To stop questioning, to stop jumping ship from one program to the next, to wondering if there are short cuts and an easier way? To come to the realisation that is brutally hard. It’s freaking hard work to achieve greatness?

If you don’t fully commit, you’ll never be among the 5% and you are the only one who has to look in the mirror and live with the regrets.

“We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.” — Jim Rohn

I have my regrets, we all do, but they can be valuable lessons. We could be all a lot further along in life with making smarter decisions. That’s cool – take full responsibility for that. We are exactly where we’re today from the choices we have made.

Making the mistakes is fine… making the same ones repeatedly is not.

Your life is your responsibility. It’s all up to you. Please don’t put off today.. because tomorrow is too late.

To your life’s success.

Kristian “helping you be more by being more myself” Manietta