This is becoming more and more common as we become so reliant on technology. I love technology and I do love my Garmin tools however …

We have become over reliant on tools so much so that when they inevitably mess up from time to time and don’t work, we allow (our choice) it to become a source of major stress.

This week one of my TS Black athletes was in the near state of a nervous breakdown (that was actually plan B?!) because their GPS had stopped working. No speed, no cadence, no nothing.

Unfortunately they had got to a point where as they ‘felt’ their whole existence relied on having it. We all know of Murphy’s Law … something will always go wrong especially when we don’t want it too.

Like in a race… how well will you deal with that when technology stops working? Will you be able to get on with it, or will it become something that you let negatively affect your race outcomes? Have you ever even though about it?

This is another big example on why it is so very important to become intuitive. Intuitive to the intensity you’re putting out without having to depend on heart rate, speed, cadence, watts but what the in the moment effort truly FEELS like.

How do you become intuitive?

By simply releasing the shackles and grip these tools have on us. I’m not suggesting you throw them away but to simply understand they are tools in the tool chest that need to be used logically. They are not the be all and end all.

So go for a run, ride and a swim sans recording devices or IF you ‘must’ always capture the data … hmm, get some duct tape and cover the screen. Hit start and just have a stop watch if you have specific intervals within the session. Do this for a good portion of time especially on repeated sessions. Get a feel for it, learn to understand the impacts on many other daily choices … like nutrition, sleep, recovery methods, environment etc. They all add up in the mix.

See becoming so attached to these tools and then allowing them to create huge amounts of unwanted and unneeded stress will not only do your head in, but will negatively impact on your performances.

How? Stress is a performance killer. Right now a couple of weeks out from the biggest race, my athlete was letting this technology mishap affect them so much that the stress load was massively effecting recovery by the insidious mental drain.

A perfect example of being reactive to the situation. Not proactive. Now I’m not being all high and mighty here as just yesterday .. even after giving my athlete a friendly kick in the butt about this, I let my out of battery Sat Nav to get the motorhome back to some little english village get to me more than it should have.

Classic example of being reactive and that I have work to do in tht department 😉

Reactive is highly stressful. Reactive is a performance killer.

Become proactive. It takes work but its a damn sight less stressful.

Kristian “always learning” Manietta