This week is Ironman Melbourne week and in Australia it’s a big event.

Nerves will be steadily coming to boil as the week progresses and it all suddenly becomes REAL!

If you’re not racing Melbourne… then save this message to when your Ironman or 70.3 is coming up. It will help you.

Do no Harm!

Your goal this week, is to get through the week unharmed. You want to be hitting the water come Sunday with all systems firing.

So how can you harm yourself?

1. By doubting yourself and your training at the eleventh hour. Many will be tempted to go out and do one more hard session.. just to test.


All you will do is tire yourself with no benefit to be gained. Only harm.

2. Staying up late when you could be getting zzz’s.

Ok Ok, I know, many of your are stupidly busy and feel like you need to rush to finish everything off.


It will still be there waiting on Monday. You have just invested god knows how many months of training and your hard earned. Don’t throw it all down the toilet because you underestimate the cost of sleep. I have wrecked important races by doing this. Please respect your need both physically and mentally for sleep.

3. Changing what you eat for the other 51 weeks of the year.


Your body is used to what you have been providing it week in week out. Don’t go screwing it all up now by trying new things this week. Keep it familiar. Sure reduce your fibre content over the last couple of days but that is it. Even think of reducing portion size.. you’re not training as much and you can put on weight in race week! Do not carbohydrate load.

Read that again.

4. It’s been said a million times but I’ll say it again. Nothing new. No new untried sports nutrition products. No new untested shoes or other fan dangle gizmos.

Got it? Nothing new….

5. Getting a massage later in the week. Not a bad idea, unless its the first massage you have had in months. Your body takes time to adapt to the stimulus of massage. So getting a massage can take the energy right out of your muscles if you’re not used to it.

If you do get regular massages. Good to go. Just, please tell the therapist to go light. Deep tissue in the days leading up to the race will whack you out. So muscle flushing is fine. Deep tissue is not.

Further to that. Ensure you hydrate and move around post massage to assist the removal of waste products.

6. Enjoy the pre race hype but don’t get bogged down by it. Or by other athletes stories of why they ‘may’ have a crap race. No need to fill your head with negative shit or excuses. Protect your mind.

And if you think you have an excuse. Remember you are exactly where you are right now by the choices YOU have made. Make the most of what you have got.

Oh and number 7. Don’t be that athlete frantically running around getting things that could have been done now, when stress is low. Plan your week. Get anything you need for the race now. Don’t wait till the expo.

I could probably go on and on. But you get the message. I want to see you all have rocking days. You have trained hard, you have invested a load of time, money, sweat, tears and hopefully not too much blood.

There will be lots of ‘noise’ this week. Tune out from it and focus on you. Go within, visualise the race you want. The race you have trained so damned hard for.

Don’t think of all the things that could go wrong. Think about all the things that CAN go right!

Watch this now:

Bring it on,

Kristian ” Helping you get it right” Manietta