No matter who we are, we will always encounter the inevitable obstacles and set backs on our paths to success. Many successful people when asked how they succeeded said that they weren’t afraid to fail. Fail fast and learn from the mistakes.

Discipline is a component of success that ensures we carry on when faced with obstacles, setbacks, failures etc. We all love a cranking tailwind that pushes us forward fast but we need to also put the effort required when we have to push into a howling headwind.

The champions, never give up when they fall. They pick themselves up and go back to the previous patterns they executed during successful periods. True discipline is more than the ability to pick ourselves up after setbacks and obstacles. What seperates the massess from the great is that the great still show discipline in the midst of achieving success. It’s why we see the same names achieving lasting success.

Success doesn’t go to their heads because they have learnt in order to control their destiny that first they need to control themselves.

As I mentioned at the top of this short post. The successful talk about how their failures helped them succeed. These failures and mistakes provide powerful lessons in life. The truly disciplined person takes the setbacks and mistakes and sticks around to find out what the lessons are.