Whilst reading a book that KM got for me – he is good like that – I came across the story of someone who had successfully leveraged their business from zero to awesome by simply digging in and pushing through the tough stuff, rather than letting it slow down momentum.

I say simply but really it takes some intestinal fortitude and strong belief to really dig deep and tough it out.

This is so relevant to preparing for races – and racing itself. If you want that big carrot on the stick – whatever it is to you – then you know you are going to face uncertainties, challenges and setbacks. And what separates the average from the better than average is the ability to dig your heels in and push through the proverbial.

And at TriSpecific we are allergic to average.

It makes our skin crawl, eyes bleed, and ears ring. We despise average.

And hey it’s all well and good to say this when you are not bogged down by the fatigue and loading of training – but it should hold true for everything you do with your life.

Look, we know IM training can be perceived as a chore; you make sacrifices, you bleed time, sweat dollars – you put yourself at the front of the coal face and you get a bit burnt.

And thats what also makes it so sweet.

There is reward in doing that – knowing that it is tough, savouring the battle that you are having with your body and your mind. The race that is months away can seem almost unreachable when you look at all of the work you need to do, whilst balancing the spinning plates of life, work, and sanity. It can all seem too much; where is your purpose when you losesight of the bigger picture?

To keep your momentum, or rediscover it when it slips from you, you have to fully engage yourself in what you do, live and breathe those sessions. Turn up with a purpose and apply it consistently. It won’t always feel great – it’s not meant to – but you will teach yourself over time, that everything that you perceived to be impossible, is actually extremely doable.

Because when you come out on the other side, resplendent in victory, knowing that you pushed yourself through every session – even when your legs screamed NO (and you screamed back, Shut up), knowing that you fought the mental demons that challenged your self belief, you know that you gave it everything. You pushed and fought and that is all you can ask for.

Next time you see feel like your preparation has become a monolith of pain that looks too much to handle, remind yourself that the suffering that you go through now, pays off big time when you need it.

Feel the gratitude that you can do this.

Remember that the mindset of the average is to sit back and be consumed by the enormity of it all.

Remind yourself that you are not average.

That you have what it takes to push through, work the details and be better than the rest.

Don’t be average, be allergic to it