I got a little ‘side tracked’ as I was speaking about fluid trainers and the effort becoming more aerobic… and as you can see in the background that my training buddy cannot get the resistance high enough on his old trainer thus we adjusted his session (until we get my other computrainer back).

Computrainers are simply awesome for this session or any type of riding you want to do, however they come at a cost. Well worth it in my mind but there are some other trainers that you can get the resistance high enough to do the set correctly. Becuase doing it correctly is where the MONEY is.

Minora Magteqs or some of the Elite trainers (SuperCrono HydroMag or PowerMag) with the cable resistance ability allow you to load up the resistance to go ALL OUT and only get 40-45rpm. If you have a fluid trainer and find that at 53-4/11 that your still pushing around 60-70rpm which is too high for purpose of this session, you can practice ‘feathering’ your brake to add load… it’s not perfect but doable.

Have fun and get strong.

Now for the real fun part… What the hell does my t-shirt say? First to get it correct in the comments section gets some free stuff.