Think of determination as the glue that bonds the forces of desire, discipline and dedication into unstoppable momentum. Detail then is the playing field in which these forces express themselves.

So the details that go into you realising your success are the tasks which you must apply yourself in order to maximise your full potential. Of course the most optimal training plan for you is an important detail if you truly want to succeed, but it is by no means the only one.

Lets look at some other important details:

A proper training environment – now we can’t all live in Noosa, or Boulder etc but no matter where we live when can create great environments to train in. Make the most of what you have got and don’t let it be an excuse as to why you cannot perform. Even though we live in Noosa, I have set up my garage to provide a great training environment for those trainer and treadmill sessions (well I did break the treadmill- so until I get a new one, I signed up to Jetts 24hr fitness purely to use the treadmill for one of my run sessions that I deemed important).

A heatlhy lifestyle – hugely overlooked. Many athletes think since they are doing all this training that they are healthy. Hmmm endurance training is highly catabolic on the body. So we need to look at all the fine details of keeping healthy. Anti-Inflammatory diet, good sleep, good supplementation and self massage will mitigate the endurance effects and make the sport we love healthy.

A sound psychological profile – we need to continuially work on our inner game and this is a daily task. Write out and stick up some success declarations. Take 20-60′ out for yourself daily to think, meditate, reflect or journal – working on your mind. Our minds can be the major reasons that hold us back from achieving our goals and dreams. You may not know it consciously but on a sub-concious levels your current beliefs are creating the world you see.

Some resources I have found useful here are James Allens “As a Man Thinketh”, Robin Sharmas (books and programs), Jim Rohn, Anthony Robins and speaking with people in the business mastermind I belong to. Surround yourself with people that want to see you achieve your goals, not those that bring you down.

All of these are important details that will in turn contribute or take away from your ability to succeed. Taken as a whole, proper attention to the details in which you’re immersed will ehance your ability to fulfill your potential and succeed beyond your expectations.

Success leaves clues.