The final building block of success in this little series is… drum roll… Detachment.

Basically it’s the ability to contemplate something objectively, without prejudice or bias. When applied correctly, detachment enables you to pay attention to signals and signs that carry information crucial to your successful attainment of your goals. Whats more, if you’re detached in your interpretation of that information, it allows you to react in a way that makes the best use of it.

Detachment is at the heart of devising and then developing a strategy that leverages your strengths and exploits the weaknesses of your opponents. If you have ever heard the term “controlled aggression”, the you’ll understand why detachment is the most powerful tool you have at your disposal to combat impulsive emotional reactions that may intefere with your ability to succeed.

There you go… the ‘secrets’ to success: Desire, dedication, discipline, determination and an attention to detail, harnessed to an unshakable positive mental attitude and stoked by the willingness to take responsibility, with the detachment to act and react appropriately every step along the way. These ‘magical’ components can’t be packaged and sold but the good news is that these qualities can be learnt.. and the best thing is they’re infectious.

If you commit yourself, you too can learn to apply this mix of spirit, passion, common sense and desire to your own thoughts, emotions, behaviours and actions. Incorporate these principles into your plan to achieve your goals and I guarantee you will succeed at whatever you engage in!