Sorry about the lack of info this week. Been head down finishing my TS 70.3 Blueprint (available next week).  Today I’m going to keep it shortish… and get you thinking about how to further develop your performance without taking on any more training.

Huh.. How is that possible?

Simple, but it is going to require some hard work. But it’s not physical work. This has to do simply developing your mental muscle.

When ever you do a training session you need to ‘cross the line’ and by that I mean you need to be ready to train and focus 100% on what you’re about to do.

It’s about being in the moment. It’s about developing the skill set of single minded concentration and focus.

You can extract so much more out of every session if only you focus on the session and nothing else. Switch off the noise about the phone call you need to make, the work that needs to be done, what you’re going to have for dinner. All of that is irrelevant right now. As are past results both good and bad.

The opportunity you have right now is so huge but you’re letting it pass by.

Don’t waste it on being off with the pixies when you’re meant to be training.

Even on those ‘bad’ training days, theres an opportunity. But you think it may be a waste of time. Let’s say today that you’re only at 70% capacity.

Ok.. that’s what you have got. Why not make yourself give 100% of that 70!

So why don’t you try this. Make a little ritual, find out what feels right to you. Next time you pull on your goggles, clip into your pedals or slip on your run shoes use that as the cue to tune everything out and intently focus.

See the attitude shift? This will propel your performances to levels you you didn’t even dream of.. and if you did dream of them, it will get you there quicker.

70.3 and Ironman are long days. If you cannot focus on what you’re to do in training, then it is going to be impossible come race day.

Stretch that mental muscle. Make sure you find a little cue that works for you and each time you step up to a session … cross the damn line.

Be Bold, Only you can make it happen.

Kristian “the mental game” Manietta