My tag-line at TriSpecific is …because the answers have changed. It’s a tag-line that basically means that we can never stop learning and growing as coaches and that we can never close our minds to what is possible. It sums up that we are not sold on or stuck to the tightly held but outdated conventional wisdom (CW) model of endurance training protocols.

The common CW approach that is applied to endurance athletes is a one dimensional beast with the emphasis on aerobic development at the expense of other important factors in terms of athletic development but more importantly the expense of long term health and even family life.

It’s just not worth it. Even more so when there is a way to train, set personal bests, have a great family life and add to your long term health.

We are not fighting CW for the sake of being different. There is a ton of training information out in the webosphere with some very good stuff and also a ton of rubbish dished out which can seriously affect peoples health for the long term.

If you have been following the traditional one dimensional volume approach to triathlon training, keep getting injured or your immune system is sitting on the knife edge — which I must say is not part and parcel of being exceptionally fit as CW would have you think and your results have gone stale to say the least… then maybe it’s time to question CW and try something new and refreshing.