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TriSpecific offers innovative approaches to coaching and training. No hype, just real world coaching and results.

Over the last 7 years I have helped hundreds of triathletes just like you set massive personal bests, qualify for world championships, win or place in their age groups and even win world championships.

With TS Coaching I get the results but please only contact me if you’re ready to do the work and have the ability to listen, believe and take action. Apply now to see if I can help you.

“I started thinking about doing my first triathlon about 6 years ago, I remember a friend taking me out for a bike ride early on, after 10k’s I had to stop and rest, after 20k’s I was done and rewarded myself with a large meal to componsate for my great efforts.

6 years on and I have completed 6 Ironman man races including the brutal Norweigan Norseman course and I have gone in the low 9 hours on 2 seperate occasions.

To go from an athlete that could barely hold a bike upright to riding 5 hours and running low 3 off the bike in an ironman has been a huge life transformation and one I could have never done alone. Working with Kristian very closey for the last 4 years I have been able to put myself into the front end of every field I enter, I now swim, bike and run competitively with the best AG’ers in Australia.

While of course I have worked hard to achieve this, and be sure there are no short cuts, Krisitian’s guidance and knowledge and more importantly his passion for his athelete’s success has been at the centre of everything I have been able to achieve.

Through combining a great understanding of the phsyical demands of the sport with an equal focus on the mental support that is needed to be successful, Kristians coaching style is completely holistic to ensure the athlete is armed with everything they need to know to be successful. While I have absorbed much of Kristian’s methodology, I never stop learning from him as he never stop’s learning and pushing himself. If you are committed to your own success, it’s hard to look past what TriSpecific can offer to atheletes that are willing to test themselves and go in search of a better way”. Kevin Lucas

My coaching philosophy is simple, my methods are not.

In most things in life there is either a massive overreaction to things or a massive under-reaction to things. In the case of triathlon coaching and training. It’s typically a massive overreaction to the volume needed to achieve awesome results.

I see too many injured, sick and under-performing athletes all from doing excessive amounts of training. Training that is haphazard or continually being changed around for no real reason. Training that has no real purpose.

That time my friends is over.

No more chasing your tail, I’m going to accelerate you towards the performances of your dreams.

Along the way, I’ll teach you the why’s, how’s of the training methods so you become empowered and get so much more out of your training time. I’ve found we all love to learn- so you won’t be seeing an generic “go for an easy run”, that’s doesn’t mean there is no easy running- it just means the session notes are much more in-depth than that.

Working on a monthly basis, you’ll have your training program specifically tailored to you. This means we look at your life circumstances, your training age,  your goals, your strengths and weaknesses and then work a plan that takes you step by step to your intended goals.

This is not some cookie-cutter program.

I’ll be brutally honest with you. There are no secret sessions. Sorry to let you down… but pretty much every training session thats ever going to be written has been written. While some sessions are obviously better than others- it’s not so much about the session, but more importantly HOW the session is placed and the impact it has on you hormonally.

Coaches and athletes worry to much about muscle recovery and pay little attention to hormonal balance. Muscles recover much quicker than an over worked aerobic system.

Each session becomes YOUR session: The systems we train to get the training effect relate to one another. They’re all interlinked. And each of these systems is emphasised on your needs, strengths, weaknesses, races and time in sport. No more guesswork for you- just a direct path to your goals.

The plans are tailored to your work, family and social life. Each month, your training plan gets updated based on your months progress and where you’re in relation to your goals or goal race. We may manipulate your daily nutrition or any other factor that is going to help you and with weekly email support and member access area, I’ll be able to accelerate your progress.

“Kristian, I feel lucky to have you as my coach – the genuine interest you show in all your athletes is amazing & admirable….. I have been the recipient of these qualities numerous times over the last few months & saw you convey confidence & positivity to others whilst in WA. I sincerely thank you for everything you have done for me over the last few months. I feel we have unfinished business….but I’ll take the 32 min PB & give it the credit it deserves” — Kirsten Gorman

“I kicked off the 2013 season with 70.3 Challenge Fuerteventura – on a very challenging course with lots of climbing and wind on both the bike and run course. It was a race full of first times. Above all the ingenious coaching of Kristian and subsequently new ideas about nutrition, refuelling, race tactics and mental strategy. After only five months, this collaboration already starts showing some big time achievements. And it resulted in my first season victory. More to come.” – Gilbert Fisch

To take the next step and likely the most important triathlon step you take.

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