In this modern world it is naive to assume that the path to getting what you want is simply to going either fall neatly into your lap, or present itself with clear and unobstructed views.

It’s impossible to predict every road block you face. Sure by observing patterns, keeping your ear to the ground, eyes on he road, you can set yourself up in such a way that leaves you with somewhat of a strategy to manage the uncertain. But at the end of the day, stuff can happen and you simply may not be able to see, regardless of how well you have polished the crystal ball.

And when that stuff happens, it can happen with a ferocity that can derail your best laid plans, leaving you completely off track.

But you can change your attitude. You can change how you approach this roadblocks and what you do to get around them.

I used to ride with an athlete who despised the wind, Hated it with passion best saved for World Cup Football finals, litterbugs and fly’s in coffee. He avoided it at any opportunity, and could even be seen checking the wind forecast online before leaving for a ride (regardless of the sunshine).  And yet, at every race there was wind. And at every race he struggled in that wind.  The attitude he chose to adopt (and its always a CHOICE) resulted in him being unprepared for head and crosswinds in a race. Every time. That type of attitude doesn’t get you on the podium. That type of attitude is the one adopted by the excuse makers and victims (of self); by the guy sitting in the cafe practically shouting the unfairness of it all to any one with in ear shot.

And he’s not near the podium.

And never will be until the attitude is changed. It’s a simple process really. You identify that something is not working for you – almost conspiring malevolently against your success. But it’s not really. That problem is simply a solution waiting to be found. (And by the way, of you are constantly searching for problems, you will most definitely find them. ). Whatever has happened has done so for a reason. Find the reason and you will find the solution close by.

This sport is tough, it demands a lot from your body and even more from your mind. Why would you sabotage any promise of success with a shit attitude? You hate swimming because your swimming is slow? Nope. Your swimming is slow because you hate it. I can guarantee that as soon as you find something to love about swimming, your swimming will improve. It’s a simple matter of adjustment. Some things require a bigger adjustment than others. You search for something to love about swimming, then you start turning up to your sessions with newfound vigour. You then apply yourself more and more each time….and you improve. Because you decided to change your attitude.

You then take that same approach and apply it to any other obstacle you face, training racing or otherwise. Thing’s will happen. Good things.  And like I said at the beginning, it’s not always going to go your way. It’s not. But you can adopt a better attitude that will help keep you on track.

Just remember, it’s a CHOICE.

Change your attitude and you will change the outcomes.

Coach Pete Lever