FB # 192 – Getting Control

  Today we have the pleasure of sharing the story of Ironman Blueprint athlete,Graeme Monteith with you.Graeme ‘s journey into the sport began with a quest to improve his health;  with a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes,  and an unhealthy lifestyle, he needed to take control of his life, and health. Graeme openly shares how he […]

FB # 188 – Simplicity

We live in a complicated world, and each year we see the sport that we love become more and more complex, yet results remain unfulfilled. If it was as easy as “the fastest bike, the latest gadget, the most complex training plan, and supplement X, wouldn’t everyone be smashing their respective goals? Today we highlight the key areas […]

FB # 180 – Pacing & Racing: 70.3 World Championships

It’s race week! And one of the biggest ones of the year! The Sunshine Coast is teaming with fit, confident, excited athletes ready to take on the Ironman 70.3 World Championships. Over 3000 athletes are set to take on the tough, but fast course, so today we are talking about racing strategy; what you need […]

FB #178 – Discovering Your Excellence

We are super excited about the Olympics, especially after watching the men’s triathlon this week (and even more excited for the women’s race this weekend!). What a performance from Ali, and his brother! The Olympic Games always provides a spectacle of highs, lows, controversy and sportsmanship but above all it is a display of excellence. […]

You’re Doing It Wrong

I am taking full advantage of the fact that I live 300m from a very clean, very quiet 25m pool. Sure it has restricted opening hours, but it is heated and super convenient to get to. It’s an easy win to optimise my time – instead of the 15′ or so it takes to get […]

Fundamentals & Marginal Gains

The term marginal gains gets thrown around a lot nowadays (even by us) and has become quite attractive to athletes; going out and seeking the small percentage methods, habits, and behaviours that will elevate performance. It isn’t really a new strategy in sports, but as athletes get faster and the pressure to succeed increases (whilst […]