FB #279 – CBD For Athletes with Joanna Zeiger

Today I have Joanna Zeiger on the podcast talking all about CBD. Joanna was a pro athlete from 1998 to 2010. She was 4th in the first ever triathlon in the Olympics in Sydney and then 5 weeks later was 5th at the Ironman World Champs. In 2008 Joanna one the 70.3 World champs… Joanna […]

FB #278 – The Happy Runner with David Roche

Your best will never be enough unless it’s always enough – David Roche Today I have my ultra run coach David Roche back on the podcast talking about Megan and his book “the Happy Runner” (which is available now) which in my mind is required reading for all of us endurance athletes. If you want […]

FB #277 – Menstruation Matters with Tiana Rockwell

So this is an episode I recorded after my 100 miler whilst down in California. We were staying with good friends Sean & Tiana Rockwell in Grass Valley and we always talk about loads of topics on nutrition and hormones etc. I got a handy new zoom pro4n recorder so we sat down in her […]

FB #276 – Less Complexity More Performance

I’ve been off for a bit, focusing on my 100 miler and recharging the batteries. So today I’m talking with Charlotte about complexity, simplicity and reducing the noise that is hurting your results. I also wrap this up with lessons from my 100 miler. As always enjoy. IN TODAY’S EPISODE, WE DISCUSS: A bit about […]

FB #275 – Cody Beals

Today I have a man that is on a tear, winning his first two Ironmans. A man who was going backward when it came to health and someone that learned what to do to not only fix his health… But come back and dominate. That man is Cody Beals. As always enjoy. Image: @TalbotCox IN TODAY’S […]

FB #274 – Lucy Gossage

Today I have arguably the best finish chute dancer in the triathlon world Lucy Gossage on the show. Lucy is such an awesome human being, juggling both being an oncologist that is making positive changes to NHS over in the UK, and a professional Ironman triathlete. There’s probably a reason she has been dubbed the […]