Hey Kristian here,

Well it seems my good friends over in the US are going crazy on Turkey for Thanksgiving… and it also seems that Thanksgiving traditionally means it’s Christmas season and shops have Black Friday Sales…

I guess Downunder it’s like our boxing day sales.

So I’m over here in sunny Auckland as I presented yesterday to the Strength and Conditioning Conference and have another presentation at FitEx on Sunday. I’ve been enjoying some new training locales and looking forward to taking the SHIV for a nice semi long ride tomorrow here.

Anyway I thought I’d get in on the Black Frday fun and have a rare sale of my own here at TS.

So below you’ll find killer deals on all my TS Training Programs and I now have a bunch more that I have been working on. In fact I’m offering 50% off all of my Blueprints or if you want the Whole Enchilada … well I’m literally giving away the farm there.

Oh the sale is only GOOD for this weekend.


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Check it out below

The Whole Enchilada

Get all my top selling TS Blueprints (Ironman & 70.3) and my new TS Swim Focused, Bike Focused and Run Focused Development Plans and early access to my new program TS MoveBetter 1.0 for 60% off!
Regularly $1219     NOW ONLY: $487.60


TS Ironman Blueprint

Get my highly successful TS 20 Week Ironman Blueprint. This program shows you step by step how to ensure you have a successful day at Ironman. No filler, just plug and play information to get you to the top of your game.

“The training volume is very manageable with a full time job and you get so much more from Trispecific than just a training program to follow. The support, guidance and belief I was given from Kristian set me up for an incredible Ironman day, taking off a massive 1 hour 20 from my previous best Ironman time. Don’t waste your time with programs that don’t work, make you tired and burnt out with large volume, get the best, get Trispecific and start to see results that are proven time and time again.” — Greg Brown

“Hi Kristian, just wanted to again say THE PROGRAM works – (after my Long course PB’s I was very confident). It was my first crack at IM yesterday and I finished in 10:01hrs. Positive is that it leaves the door wide open for a 2nd! 🙂 I’ll definitely follow this success recipe in the future.” — Mark Oakey


TS 70.3 Blueprint

As per my Ironman Blueprint, start to get the success you deserve with my TS 70.3 Blueprint. Get stronger, faster and much fitter.

“I highly recommend TS 70.3 Blueprint to anyone who is serious about reaching their potential in long distance triathlon.  The training plan is clearly structured and the additional information on key areas such as nutrition and recovery is invaluable.  I have greatly benefited from TS 70.3 Blueprint – managing a sub 5 hour 70.3 after less than 12 months in the sport.” – Justin Farley


TS Olympic Distance Blueprint

I’ve been asked over and over again to release an Olympic Distance plan. So without further ado here it is.  My Olympic distance solution and I’m looking forward to the success that short course age group athletes will get from this.


TS Swim Focused Development Plan

This is my new swim focused plan. The plan still balances out SBR but has a higher emphasis on developing your swim. Many athletes and coaches underestimate the cost of swimming in Triathlon. Sure it is the shortest part of the day but the swim portion has major implications on how well you bike or run and the implications increase as the race goes longer. This 12 week plan will improve your swim game and can be used as a catalyst to move into your specific build plan for 70.3 or Ironman.


TS Bike Focused Development Plan

Who doesn’t love the bike… This bike focused development plan lays down the foundation to increase your strength on the bike. Riding faster in 70.3 or Ironman is a function of strength and endurance. This plan will develop that. Coupled with your specific plan you’ll be getting off the bike faster and in better shape.


TS Run Focused Development Plan

This run focused development plan is to get you running more comfortably. The running in this plan is not easy and it shouldn’t be used if you are returning from a run based injury. But if you’re functionally all good, this will take your run game to another level while not neglecting your swim or bike.


TS MoveBetter 1.0

This is your opportunity to PRE Order your copy of my new TS MoveBetter Program. This program will cover exactly what you need to do to create optimal and functional range of motion for Triathlon. It will give you the exercises to insure you stay away from overuse injuries. This program will help your movements become much more efficient and thus more powerful.

The program is comprised of mainly videos and photos showing you exactly what you need to do and when you should do them. These include my optimal SBR warm up series along with how to move better through the important mobility centric joints such as the ankles, hips, thoracic spine and shoulders while creating stability where you need it.

This program will be delivered on the 12th of December and be released at $197


Try TS University for $1 Trail

My TSU students are loving the lessons and I would love to see you in there learning and getting healthier too. Try TSU for $1 for 14 Days. If you love it like I know you will, then you’ll be charged $20 on day 14 and then every month. Cancel anytime.


Oh and as per usual … all my plans. programs are backed by my no questions, no hassles 30 day money back guarantee. Who does that in Triathlon? I do because I value giving value and if you don’t consider your purchase valuable then I don’t want to take your money.

So there you have it. Save some serious dollars and check out my highly successful blueprints and programs RISK FREE.

Have a great weekend