Without this you’ll never achieve your goals.


Every single one of us needs to develop our own self belief.

We can do this easily when things are going right.

A good session, a good race and we gain a little confidence and thus increase our self belief.

But what about when the chips are down?

Do you still unequivocally believe in yourself then, when it’s most important too?

Some people intrinsicly believe in themselves no matter what. Others have to continually work on this important trait.

This week I have a little exercise for you.

Work on your belief systems.

Talk to yourself in a positive and uplifting way.

But more importantly … take note of your self talk. What’s it saying and why is it saying what it is?

Spend a lot of time on this.

The most important time to believe in yourself is when you have no reason too.

There will be ups and downs and that is NORMAL. You just have to not ever give up on yourself. Work hard on removing the limiting beliefs and swap them out for empowering ones.

Watch what happens to your life when you truly believe in yourself.

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Rock on’,