A short and hopefully effective blog post for a Monday morning. I have some big weeks ahead of me and with a lot of work to do.

Having belief in yourself is fundamental to any success you are after and as Olympic Champion Natalie Cook said in her awesome book Go Girl “The time to
believe is when you have no reason to”.

Belief and confidence in oneself is interesting. We can build this up with consistent focus and action towards attainment of our goals but in one millisecond it can all come crashing down with a little set back.

So what do you have to do? You get back up. You learn to take a hit and give a hit. You don’t need to have a knockout punch, you just need to learn to throw a jab and then another jab and another creating momentum.

But even then somehow and someway from both internal and external influences we get doubts.

Doubts can crush us if we let them.

We ALL have doubts and the only true way to kill those doubts is to just keep moving. Throw a jab, refine the jab and make it better. Follow your coaches advice and keep moving forward. If you stumble (and you will), get back up, dust yourself off and keep moving forward.

So set yourself a challenge. Choose something that is going to help you in your quest to reach your goals. Lets say training consistency or say that your weakness is the swim leg and if there is ever a session you let slide it’s the swim, because it’s only such a short part of the day right!

Instead of letting it slide. Commit to hitting everyone of your planned swims. Go to practice knowing that it will help you improve and learn to fall in love with the art of practice. Now lets set a challenge of hitting every planned swim session for 21 days. Then once you check that off extend it out until you hit your sessions for 3 consecutive months.

Watch what happens to those doubts and what happens to your results.

I have a cool post coming later this week about the art of practicing.


P.S. One of my ‘fun’ little challenges for the next 3 weeks and longer. Is cold showers. Yes you read that correctly. There are so many benefits to a cold
shower. Just google it but it improves circulation, increases energy (can you say alert…) and builds a strong immune system to name a few. Most people say start with warm water and then hit the cold at the end. I opted to choose the flinch and go cold from the start. It packs a solid
breathtaking punch but I feel pretty invigorated. You game?

Disclosure: If you suffer from heart disease or any heart/lung issue or hypertension then please don’t partake in Cold Showers.