We all want to get better right… I mean who doesn’t.

I can guarantee the number one obstacle you’re facing in whether or not you achieve your goals, is the simple fact of believing it is possible.

Yep the #1 thing that is stopping you is the lack of belief in yourself. Period.

The problem is, that many of us think that we will start to believe it’s possible when all the ducks start to line up. We want proof… but if you continue to follow that line of thinking you may be waiting a very long time and the harsh reality is that your goals may never happen.

Natalie Cook said it best in her book Go Girl – “The time to believe is when you have no reason too”

Here’s a little secret for you, something I have learned along the way and that helped me first become a professional snowboarder and then become a pretty decent age group triathlete and a great coach.

Belief is just a choice you make. It’s an attitude that you can strengthen over time. It’s your responsibility to take charge, and work on your self concept (get the book – The New Psycho Cybernetics to help you).

You can really do anything you set your mind to. Yes… ANYTHING…


Believe in yourself, use positive self-talk, create the perfect motion picture in your mind with visualisation and combine that with proper training, coaching and ACTION. That is how you achieve the success you’re after… in any field.

“I am looking for a lot of men who have an infinite capacity to not know what can’t be done” — Henry Ford

First you might need to get rid of this mind disease first.

I came across this back in my personal training days while listening to a guy called Phil Kaplan and he mentioned that you need to kill the Ayerelius Kantorius (the “Aye Kant”) and if you don’t it becomes a life long disease that limits your potential exponentially.

You need to give up the notion of “I Can’t” because if you don’t then it will become a self fulfilling prophecy.

Where did our notions of “I Can’t” start?

Very early in life.

When your kid learns to walk there is a lot of falling down and as parents we give encouragement to keep them trying, again and again. To keep getting back up when they fall and soon enough they;re running around. But then your kid starts climbing on everything and wanting to jump up and down… because there isn’t any fear. There is no self limiting barriers. Nothing seems to big.

But it is here in our own fears that our kids might get hurt.. that we possibly lay the foundations for lack of self belief later in life. If we condition the sense of invincibility out of our kids through our own fears then over time they no longer believe they can.

Not just in climbing, running, jumping.. but possibly in life.

I believe this is sad, and as a parent to a young son, I struggle with wanting him to learn, takes some hits, get back up.. but without really hurting himself. A slight conundrum.

So we can and should teach our kids to believe that anything is truly possible, which it is with the right mindset, determination, focus and hard work, we cannot turn back the clocks to our childhood. What we can do is choose to take responsibility right now for removing the I can’t from our vocabulary.

“I wish” … is in the same vote as I can’t . Don’t wish. Chose and make it happen.

On this road to becoming your best.

There will be obstacles. Many of them.

These obstacles at times feel overwhelming, but I want you to do this. And if you’e bold and serious. You will get up out of your chair right now and do this immediately.

Go stand in front of a mirror and repeat – “No matter how bad it is and how bad it gets, I’m going to make it”

Do it with conviction. And do it again and again.

Have a great Easter

Kristian ” expanding your mental muscle” Manietta

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