My last two articles looked at better ways to warm up using soft tissue techniques, movement preparation and mobility drills to get you on your way to a more efficient range of movement, better tissue health and, of course, better performance.

In this issue I want to discuss caring for your back. Many athletes and non-athletes suffer from back pain that can be easily remedied without intensive therapy or drugs, it just takes some work on your part. This is true for most of the population, however there are always people who fall outside of the ‘norm’. I recommend seeing your allied health practitioner first to see if you have any contra-indications to any of these exercises shown.

Typically, even though back injuries may seem to just ‘pop’ up, most of the time they are in fact a gross overuse injury. We have all heard an athlete say, “I’ve been doing this for years, I’ve never had an issue so I don’t know what happened”. You have constantly reinforced a crappy posture or pattern of movement and at some point your body is going to tap out due to muscular imbalance, stiffness or instability. It’s the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

You can download the full article here:Back In Motion