Just the other day I was reading a blog from I guy I follow (incidentally has nothing to do with triathlon- in fact I rarely read triathlon blogs).

Anyway he was relaying a story about being in the Philippines and that when in a more dangerous location (ie higher chance of being mugged etc) he’d have his awareness levels turned to high.

However on his last day of his trip, after some long work hours and significant fatigue he let his awareness dip. His guard was down an before he knew it he was surrounded by some adolescents looking for trouble…

I didn’t think much more of it until I was out on the bike. Riding back through Coolum shops which gets a little more congested early on a work morning, I had a guy inadvertently nearly run me into the gutter.

Nothing deliberate, he just wasn’t paying attention on the road but was looking hard right at the surf while his car drifted to the left.

I aim to always have my awareness levels at max output while riding a bike these days and more so when pushing hard… For what it’s worth I now ‘pause’ my TT efforts for a few minutes while riding through Coolum (or any high traffic area) as the risk – reward ration is too skewed towards risk.

So the near miss got me thinking. I really believe many accidents could be avoided if we just set our awareness levels to high.

Be it riding a bike or driving a car. Think about the concentration when you first learnt to drive… Or ride… Now the skill of these have become so autonomous that its easy to switch off.

And when we switch off in a potentially hectic environment … The likelihood of bad shit happening I believe is significantly higher.

So be aware man, and we will be safer.