FB #200 – Grant Giles

For our 200th episode, we are joined by mental-master and coach, Grant Giles. We have featured Grant on the show before, and today he brings insights into understating and managing the ego, taking responsibility, and the dangers of comparison. This is a not-to-be-missed episode! In today’s episode, we discuss: Finding acceptance  Being the right ‘slave’ […]

FB #199 – Jasper Blake

Today we speak with the philosophical former pro-athlete and current coach, Jasper Blake on managing the ego, creating self awareness and how to properly manage fatigue. Grab a cup of your favourite Fat Black mix, and enjoy! In today’s episode, we discuss: Using sport as an outlet Physical and mental fatigue Sleep The importance of your mindset […]

FB #198 – Fredrik Croneborg

Today Kristian gets to speak with swedish athlete and new dad Fredrik Croneborg. Fredrik has had loads of podiums and finally won a big race in Atlantic City in 2014. But in 2016 he won Challenge Taiwan and Ironman Malaysia showing that it’s consistency in the long game that matters most. In today’s episode, we […]

FB #197 – The 2016 Mix Tape, Part 2

http://traffic.libsyn.com/trispecific/FB_197_-_The_2016_Mixtape_Part_2.output.mp3 For the final Fat Black episode for 2016, and the second part in our Mixtape series we thought we share some of our favourite parts of 3 very inspiring interviews. Scott Jones, Steph Corker and Craig Percival all have their own unique sense of passion and drive and the rare ability to motivate without […]

FB #196 – The 2016 Mix Tape, Part 1

What a year! We have had the absolute pleasure of interviewing so many great guests in 2016 and we think the best way to wrap up the year is to showcase some of the most knowledgeable episodes in this mashup! With so many great guests it sure was hard to squeeze everything into just one show, so […]

FB #195 Surviving the Holidays

The festive season is here! It’s a busy time of year for everyone; shopping, parties, family gatherings – all of the fun things we love about the holidays. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your training and it also doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself away from all the Holiday fun! For the […]