Everyday in life we face hundreds upon hundreds of choices.

It’s there choices that influence where and how we end up. Many will be right and many will be wrong, they will give you immeasurable life lessons if you chose to listen, but in the end, they all make up our journey called life. Raoul talks about choices in the interview but you’ll have to listen to get his wisdom.

I’ve said it before that sometimes you just have to ask. You have a 50% chance of getting what you ask for versus a 100% NO if you never ask.

What does this have to do with anything?

Well, I probably wouldn’t even know of Raoul De Jongh if I hadn’t chosen to go out to dinner with another friend after the Xterra world champs back in 2010 and if I hadn’t chosen to have a read of his blog “Urban Ninja” and start following him via various social media platforms. We share many of the same beliefs and want to experience life in many of the same ways … so I chose to reach out and ask to use some of his teachings as guest post for this blog.
And then I chose to be cheeky and ask about coming over to South Africa and riding their EUT in 2011 where we got to spend a lot of time together with a bunch of other boys enjoying life in much the same way.

Reminds me very much how I got a ‘break’ back in my snowboarding days which led to sponsorships and a big interview spread in two magazines. I simply made a choice to ask.

Anyway those choices all have led to knowing someone whom I value highly that has an unquenchable thirst for life and extracting the most out of it while helping others do the same through his words and actions. In a few short weeks we get to experience another once in a lifetime trip with each other where we will be riding and rooming together throughout the Dolomites on the Rapha Cent Cols Challenge.

Without further rambling … here is an interview (above) of sorts with my buddy Raoul De Jongh.

Some invaluable lessons within. Raoul is allergic to mediocrity and is a high performing age group athlete with a lot going on.

You can learn more about Raoul via his websites Urban Ninja and Privateer and follow him on twitter an on instagram