I was just reading over some of the Monday Muses I send out to my athletes I coach personally and came across this one written back in February and thought I might share it with all.

Accretion basically means things (growth) happen over time via drip, drip, drip and not an overnight success. Watching speed skating in the Winter Olympics yesterday, channel 9 had a short emotional feature with Stephen Bradbury which more than proves the point. Most Australians and anyone who witnessed Bradbury winning gold in 2002 will remember him getting the toughest heat

to even make the semis, which he came third (thus eliminated) because Canadian Marc Gagnon was DQ’d allowing Bradbury a semi-final birth. Bradbury got through the semis and in to the final when his competitors fell on the final turn. In the final he kept the same strategy, skate like hell but stay out of the way and unbelievably the same thing happened and Bradbury took home the gold!

So did Bradbury get a ‘lucky’ gold medal! You could say that all the stars aligned to allow what happened happen and even Bradbury’s feat has entered the Australian vernacular in the phrase “doing a Bradbury”, meaning an accidental win or unexpected or unusual success. However what most people either don’t know or fail to realise is Salt Lake was Bradbury’s fourth Olympic Games. When you see the 12 years of effort, the time he hit the barriers and broke his neck, the time he nearly lost his life in a skating crash where a competitors razor sharp skate sliced through his upper leg, and the dedication and commitment to just be in the position for his luck break to happen. I’d say he wasn’t as fast as the other boys but he wasn’t any less deserving of the win.

Simply, Bradbury created his own luck!

In an interview after winning his gold, referring to his two career and life threatening accidents, Bradbury said “Obviously I wasn’t the fastest skater. I don’t think I’ll take the medal as the minute-and-a-half of the race I actually won. I’ll take it as the last decade of the hard slog I put in.”

Improvements happen a bit at a time and same goes for sickness and overuse injuries. These just don’t show up!

We are the authors of our own success, health, and even disease. Every day we have choices…. choose wisely and create your own luck.