…..I wanted to say bad-ass but I’m not really, even though I’d like to be.

…well I used to be kinda bad-ass when I was a pro snowboarder.

And where was I?

I am a husband, dad, coach, celiac, life athlete, entrepreneur, living life large and #allergictoaverage.

Over the past 11 years I have helped hundreds of triathletes achieve and even greatly surpass their goals using methods both traditional and unconventional with the balance more skewed to unconventional.

I have been fortunate and have had the opportunity to talk shop, train with and train number of top professionals in this sport to get a thorough understanding of how they get good. I’ve never been afraid to ask questions.

But way more importantly, I have worked with and helped people from all walks of life achieve their goals. Most commonly I work with time poor athletes, most of them with families (not all) who want to improve their 70.3 (Half) and Ironman performances while reducing the time spent training and improving health for the long term.

As a budding author and speaker, my articles have appeared in numerous online and print publications such as Australian Triathlete, Run 4 Your Life, Triathlon.de, Xtri.com, TriFuel.com, FirstOfftheBike.com and the like. And I have presented for Triathlon Western Australia, FILEX (Known widely as the pinnacle live event for the Australian fitness industry), The Malaysian Institute of Sport, SPRINZ (Strength & Conditioning Conference for High Performance Sport New Zealand) and more recently Lululemon.

Anyway you’re going to be hearing a lot more from me because my purpose in life is to support endurance athletes like you, to breakthrough your boundaries and in doing so evolve as a human being.

Coaching from me through a one2one service or via any of my programs will have an impact positively on more than just triathlon.

I’ve always led a life of sport. I’m definitely not the most gifted but when I put my mind and body to something, I’m going to go out there and get it. I played rep football and got pissed with the politics and then, I saw snow for the first time at 17 and that led to a pro snowboard career- I wouldn’t say I jumped on and was talented… I just thought- I can do this, and then went to work refining my craft at that time and made shit happen.

Then I literally SCREWED up a bad-ass lifestyle of being a pro snowboarder. How? I lost my belief, my self-confidence and let my mind destroy a freaking cool life.

But, it taught me a valuable life lesson and I wouldn’t be here right now, with a truly awesome business showing mostly age group athletes how they can get their goals. Even those super lofty ones.

In late 2000 I broke my back- the week before an X-Games in Australia which I was meant to be competing at in the Big Air event. That was the start of a plague of injuries and my eventual out from the sport. It wasn’t the injuries why I quit.. it was all in my head.

My last time on snow was early 2002 and then my wife (fiancée at the time) said she was bored with going to the gym and running on a treadmill. She wanted to join a run squad and run a marathon. (It was 12 years till she ran a marathon… by itself. She has ran 23 of them off the bike with a PB 3:03).

So we started using the googleplex and searched run squads. Charlotte thought they looked full of old geezers, so we kept looking and this triathlon thing kept popping up. I remembered watching Welchy (Greg Welch) win the Hawaiian Ironman in ’94 and thinking one day, I’d have to do that.

We found the BRATS, which is a triathlon club from iconic Bondi Beach. We got ourselves a coach and we were going to just do some sprint distance triathlons.

I had to sell a ton of snowboard gear to pay for the all the triathlon gear we needed.

Problem was- the group and coach we joined was very much geared towards Ironman and it was bloody infectious. In October 2002 we did our first Triathlon- the Kurnell Sprint series, then we signed up for Canberra Half Ironman (learnt some valuable lessons here and figured the carb-loading stuff was bogus) in December and qualified for Ironman Australia (yes back then you had to qualify to do Ironman) the following April.

We fell hook, line and sinker for triathlon but especially the long stuff. I had high aspirations for that first Ironman (come on, I’m a male with a healthy ego and LOVE competition), but I made SO many mistakes and that was even before I got to the race. Charlotte on the other hand just did her thing, pretty much trumped our whole group and qualified for the Hawaiian Ironman. (she didn’t even know what it was).

I love to read, so I immersed myself in triathlon, training, nutrition, so we could have a better shot of being good. I wanted to learn from the mistakes. I wanted to eventually get to Hawaii- I was a long way off.

I did my level 1 triathlon coaching accreditation- not to become a coach, but to learn more. I was pretty disappointed in that course.

Back to the mistakes… Best thing that ever happened.

I started learning from many sources, applying, making more mistakes and many failures, but it was through this experiential learning, I stumbled onto training methods I would have never been aware of. These mistakes and failures have helped me come up with training systems that allow me to accelerate performances and not destroy health.

Using these training systems, I’ve been able to go from a first time Ironman split of 11:27 and take that down to an 8:57 and put an age group title to my name. I have gone under 9 hours twice now.

Furthermore I’ve been able to do the same with my athletes and help them avoid the pitfalls I did while reaching their goals in record time. Even those that have experienced the pitfalls, we have been able to return to health and injury free and attain those exceptional performances.

As one of my popular blogs posts says- It’s simple but not easy, but it is damn effective.

What’s more important is that I’ve had a hell of a time doing this and I love living and breathing triathlon and endurance sports and refining my craft.  especially the longer stuff. 70.3 (Half Ironman) and Ironman distances.

I am just a regular guy who fell in love with triathlon and endurance sports and  it has become a life passion. I don’t pull punches, I’m a go-getter and want to see people succeed. Period.

So hang out here (and by here, I mean sign up for my daily email, listen to the Fat Black Podcast and join the conversation over at the TS Cafe, and I guarantee you’ll pick up some stuff that you can use to achieve your goals, whether they be for getting faster, fitter, healthier and attaining that elusive Kona spot or for breaking those hour barriers. (you know the 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 ones)…

For those interested in next steps.

You can apply for a free coaching call here and see if we are a good fit or you can grab one of our TS Blueprints or TS LIFE membership.


P.S. A few other things you may like to know about me or not.

I’m a voracious learner. I love books, I don’t watch much TV. Surfing is cool when I find time to do it, snowboarding is still a love, but skiing and ski touring has become a bigger love and right now I’m hugely invested into ultrarunning and on the journey to my first 100 miler.

Charlotte and I love being in the mountains (we just moved back to the mountains in Whistler, BC and love exploring them usually on foot or two wheels and with our son Mack and Viszla puppy).

I love good food, traveling, I don’t mind a talk and coffee, ahh great coffee is one of my little treasures in life.

I have a wife who rocks more than I do, super humble and she has kicked more triathlete guys asses then you care to know. Fastest marathon split (male and female) in 50 Degree Celsius heat when she won Ironman China… but I still hold the family title by a mere 2 minutes and 53 seconds when she won Ironman Western Australia… Just Saying.

I’m a lucky guy…

You can learn more about me at http://www.innervoice.life/kristian-manietta and connect with me personally via kristian [at] trispecific.com and follow me at the social feeds below;



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