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About – TriSpecific


Damn right we can.


It’s a favourite TriSpecific quote is from Albert Einstein who said “because the answers have changed” when challenged by another professor on why he gave the exact same class the exact same test a year later.

Over these last 12 years of TriSpecific, we set out to continually learn more while improving our own performances, on and off the field of play and those of our athletes.  

And “the answers have changed” is exactly what we’ve found.

We’ve learned from many sources, mentors, coaches, made a lot of mistakes, and through this experiential learning, we stumbled onto training methods that we would have never been aware of. These mistakes and failures have helped with the creation of training systems that have allowed us to accelerate performances and not destroy health.

The purpose of TriSpecific is more than just triathlon, it’s more than just a plan. Triathlon is just the vehicle we use to learn more about ourselves and create positive outcomes that are transferable to everything in life.

More specifically we provide coaching and support to endurance athletes like you, to breakthrough your boundaries and in doing so evolve as a human being.

Our coaching focuses on all areas of athlete development and not just a plan. From physiology, sports psychology and nutrition to injury prevention and management. We empower our athletes with better advice, education, and strategies for better health and long-term consistent performance while making them feel welcomed and belong to a large collective go‐getting community.

Our innovative approaches to coaching and training have been proven successful in helping hundreds of triathletes meet personal bests, qualify for world championships, win or place in their age groups and even win world championships.

At the end of the day. We coach. And we coach you to bring the best out of yourself.

You can learn more about each of the coaches here at TS below.

We’re super proud of what we do and the community of positive and allergic to average athletes we have been fortunate enough to work with.


What does #allergictoaverage mean?

We’ve caught some flak from this hashtag and because some people are put off with it because I think fundamentally, they think that it’’s a comparison to others and were against comparing ourselves to other people, because it’’s simply not a great thing to put people on that pedestal and always thinking you’re falling short.

We don’t see that playing at average helps anyone in life. To us, it’’s more about being a better you, because that then transfers across to be able to help other people out.

You just can’t reach your goals if you play at average. You can’’t inspire other people playing at average and as the late Zig Ziglar said, “Building a better you is the first step to building a better world.” And I fundamentally believe that.

#allergictoaverage is much deeper than most people realize.

It’’s about commitment, it’’s about commitment to yourself, commitment to going all in on life and being the best person that you can be and be the best you can be in Triathlon, being the best you can be in life, at your job, in your family life, everything.

It’’s a bloody tough task and we’re going to fail and we’re going fail over and over because it’’s really hard, you know, it’’s a hard place to get to but we believe that’s just part of a meaningful life journey. When we fall over and we fall short of that ideal of you know, being allergic to average, we get lessons from them and it’’s those lessons that really build the richness of life and we all know life is short so play accordingly.

So go ahead, read and listen with an open mind- we wouldn’t be here today and have achieved what we have without that open and willing to learn attitude.

If you would like to speak to us about which option may be best for you. Please fill in the application form and choose “I just want to discuss which TS option is right for me!”

Welcome to TriSpecific!