I found this article recently when looking back over my blog I kept as an athlete, and it is still relevant now…

“If you do the thing you fear, the death of fear is certain.” — Emerson.

One of my favourite quotes.

Today I had my least favourite training session. Yes in the pool- how did you guess??:)

I sometimes dread this session. It’s really tough, and if I’m tired its even tougher. I often have to use a pull buoy just to complete the set without totally losing my form. But the problem is that I psyche myself out before I even start…

So today…I changed my attitude. I wanted the session to be a confidence boost before NZ-not demoralising! So I’ve been listening to my “Success Mastery Academy” audio CDs by Brian Tracy (best selling author and public speaker), and he made me think about why I don’t like this session. It’s the fear of failure. So I decided there was nothing to be afraid of. I would do the repeats as well as I could. I was confident that I could hit my desired splits.

And guess what? I did hit my splits. I did this session better than ever before. It’s such a good feeling. Doing the thing you fear boosts self esteem and gives you confidence. It makes you like yourself. You keep doing the thing you fear, and your self esteem goes up and up and up! You like yourself more and more, you develop a bias for action and you become…UNSTOPPABLE!!

Brian makes me feel like I can take on the World!

Is there is a session you dread? Well guess what then, that session is probably the most important one of the week.

It’s important because when you conquer it, it will mean more than a step up in fitness. It will mean that you’ve overcome your biggest mental challenge and its one less thing between you and reaching your goals.

If you do the tough things in training, then race day becomes easier. You’ve been to that uncomfortable place, you survived and you are stronger for it. You have the experience in the bank.

You can’t expect to cruise through your sessions in the comfort zone and reach your “big hairy audacious goals” as Kristian likes to call them. Those are only achieved by being uncomfortable.

You can not possibly remain uncomfortable for the duration of a long course race- and this is especially important for the mid section of the marathon in Ironman- if you haven’t pushed through in training. You just can’t.

You will know when you’ve achieved this. You’ll have that inner confidence come race day that can’t be achieved any other way. You just know.

What do you fear in training?

Is it power intervals? Is it swimming at the front of the lane?

Or do you not actually push yourself enough in a session because you fear the fatigue that may bite you in the next session? I know this is one that I had.

Why don’t you put your fears to the test? See if they are real or imaginary. Challenge them, look them in the eye and tell them you are tougher!