2013 … Will it be any different to 2012 or the years preceeding it? Why wait for today to put your goals and dreams of the life you want to live into action?

The only way that 2013 will be better and bring you closer to your dreamed about life is through thinking hard on what you want, making a plan and then getting down right uncomfortable daily and taking consistent action towards that. Slowly replace old restrictive habits with new ones that perceptibly won’t seem like much until you wake up on the 1st of the 1st 2014 and go wow… The changes and actions we need to make aren’t ‘sexy’ and could be seen as boring but that is what it will take. It’s your daily rituals that will move you closer or further from your goals.

Here’s some of my morning rituals that have made a positive impact on my wellbeing.

Early to rise. Typically this is 4am and this means early to bed. Even on NYE! (Full disclosure, we watched the 9pm fireworks at Sunshine Beach with friends and were home before 10pm and bed around then).

Wash face with cold water and drink a glass of water (gets brain synapses firing) and then my vital greens, goji juice (GoChi & Jule), vit c and probiotic tonic (helps keeps my immune system strong).

Next up is some rolling aka self massage  with Trigger Point Performance Therapy tools and mobility drills. This serves as body maintenance and movement preparation for upcoming training session.

Little Cove Organic black coffee flows as I write a (this) blog post and then I’m off training.

So as the sun rises on the 1st of the 1st 2013 take some time to reflect (if you haven’t already) and put some hard plans down, then figure out the habits you need to develop and the ones that need to be jettisoned. Create your daily rituals and life rules and track them day in and out.

We all have the ability to live an awesomely rewarding life. Don’t dwell on the past, use the lessons of life but don’t get stuck living in the past or always looking to tomorrow when the real magic is in today. Right-here-right-now in the moment.

Here’s to a hugely fulfilling and successful 2013.

I know I have a big, no massive 2013 planned…. Actually it extends much longer than that and I have a lot to share with you and hopefully these things will add more value to your life.

Much love and gratitude,


P.S.  Time for my run.