No … these aren’t all the rules to be successful. But living by these below will make you successful.

1. Joel Fillio put this in his top 20 rules for swimming. He isn’t the only highly successful coach to say it. Many don’t follow this advice because they believe the body adapts much faster than what’s reality.  Repetition is your friend. Variety is for the weak minded, and it interferes with the learning process. Repetition, Repetition, Repetition.

2. Don’t underestimate the cost of swim fitness to your bike & run performances. I don’t care what anyone says. Having deep swim fitness will HELP your bike and run performances. Why? Simply because you’ll start the bike and run fresher.

3. You need some form of quality in your training daily. It could be strength, it could be speed, it could be neuromuscular or even aerobic but there needs to be a focus in each session.

4. Like cashola. Recovery is KING. Now let me phrase that slightly different. What do you think your body thinks while it’s sitting at the office chair for 8+hrs a day? Yep it’s recovering from the session you did in the morning. You spend more time sitting on your ass then you do training. So the body sees this as recovery. With that out of the way, I’m talking specific recovery like nutritional recovery, muscular recovery and system recovery. This HAS to be a daily focus. Post session refuelling is key as is massage and self massage … daily and consistent sleep patterns. Early to bed, early to rise. You cannot keep asking, asking, asking of your body without giving it some help. A high performance race car needs new fuel, oil, tweaking after each session and race. Your body does too.

5. Focus. You need to develop FOCUS. Stop the mind wandering off the task. If you’re going to put the time into truing. BE THERE.

6. Attitude IS everything.

“It takes no ability to give effort”


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