Running in triathlon differs from its single sport counterpart and because of this we need to train a little differently. The major difference between triathletes and pure runners is that triathletes start the run in an already fatigued state, which means their stride is shorter and the end of stride leg lift is lower, so the overall range of motion is less.

Our body needs to be able to tolerate the demands we place on our muscles, joints, tendons
and bones. Massage, self-massage and mobility drills will help and there are two distinct times when these should be done: “PreGen” (muscle and movement preparation before a session) and “ReGen” (recovery based), both of which have been discussed in previous issues (see: ‘A Better Way To Warm Up’ in Australian Triathlete Volume 18.2; ‘Get Mobile’ in Volume 18.3 and ‘Back In Motion’ in Volume 18.4)

Both preparation and recovery are often overlooked in training sessions because most athletes think getting faster comes with the simple addition of more training. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Look after your body and it will look after you.

You can download the full article here: 4 Steps to a Faster Run