Performance.. it’s what we all strive for right. Underlying that we all want to be fit and healthy and that goal should under pin everything.

But we all crave to be faster and why shouldn’t we. We expect to see improvements in our training.

This is why repetition works so exceptionally well. Because with it, we’re able to quickly gauge our improvements and understand why they come about.

Our training sessions should form the benchmarks for improvement. When sessions change every week, how can they be used as a benchmark?

The repetitive approach allows us to compare previous efforts, while learning to understand the impact of other important aspects such as (but not limited to);


Tip… the above matter!

When we set a new performance in training, that becomes our benchmark. Your motivation is high to continually try to not only better that mark, but learn how other influences affect the outcome.

This is where improvement comes from and how you develop greater confidence in yourself.

A side note and something many athletes tend to forget that when training efforts remain constant later in the piece, that they are actual improvements.

.. because your workload and thus fatigue is compounding, holding the same splits or paces means you have improved and once you freshen up with tapering, you’ll be faster again.

There you go, the four awesome outcomes of following a repetitive approach. Familiarity in training means we can get so much more out of each and every session. Our intuition gets developed and we come to an essential understanding of how our minds and body’s respond to ‘stimulus’ which gives us the feedback to get even better.

Parts 2&3
Part 1

Be Bold and give the repetitive approach a go. You’ll be glad you did.

Kristian “removing the guesswork” Manietta

P.S. Try the repeittive approach here.. it WORKS. You have nothing to lose.