Ahh 36 years old … another year wiser or not?

Last year I wrote a blog about the 35 things I have learned in 35 Years on this planet we call earth.

There’s some good stuff in there (yes you should read it).

What the hell do I write this year?

Well I’m not going to write 36 Things I have learned …. because all of those things I wrote about last year still stand true.

So I have been thinking about the one main thing I have learnt this past year and it’s really hard to nail it down to one.

It’s something I wrote about recently and it’s called …


I have so much to be thankful for in life and it’s why I now jot something down in my field notes gratitude journal each day.

Right now like many of my readers and coached athletes or athletes that have purchased my Ironman plans (thank you), we are gearing up for Ironman Melbourne.

I’m so stoked and excited to be lining up. I’m not going to lie or hide that I am in good shape for which I have to thank my beautiful wife for the support.

Charlotte has a glass note board beside her desk. On it, she has things she wants to do … and there at the bottom is * Support K*

I can’t even began to describe how awesome that is and how lucky I am … seeing that little thing drives me. There is no going in to sessions going through the motions.

Because to not go ALL IN means I don’t respect the gift that my wife has given me.

I’m grateful for all the life experiences I’ve had and the ones I have in front of me. For instance, tomorrow I’m hopping on a big tin bird and flying over to New York … well I’m heading to Stamford, CT.

It’s a very last minute whirlwind trip but it’s a trip that if I didn’t do, I’d be regretting. It’s an investment into our future. (and I’m grateful that my dad and step mum gifted me some frequent flyer points to support me) and I’m excited with the possibilities it will bring.

Sure, it’s not the best thing to be flying two long haul trips and landing back in Brisbane a week out from Ironman but I think I have a pretty good handle on how to adjust a taper and mitigate any downside 😉

In fact, all I see is upside.

I’m lucky.

Saying that is funny .. because I don’t believe in luck. I can’t remember who said it .. maybe Brian Tracy … “the harder I work the luckier I get” and hard, but smart focused work is the only way.

Later this year I have a cool trip with my bro Raoul De Jongh from South Africa in September where we take on the Dolomite’s Cent Cols Challenge – a ‘little’ 10 day, 2000km journey on bicycle with about 50’000m of climbing. This will be one of those rich life experiences that I know will have a profound impact on me.

I could go on and on.

But the biggest thing I have learnt this past year is to be grateful. Look at what we have and not what we don’t. It doesn’t mean to stop striving for things (quiet the opposite) but it just means when we look at the world from a view point of abundance and what we have to be grateful for.. everything looks so much brighter.

And finally … this morning I got some news that makes me so bloody happy and the coolest thing is that it has nothing to do with me. Now I can’t share it with you just yet as it’s not public yet. But it has to do with my brother and in his circle, it’s big time. Just writing this makes me so excited and happy for him… it’s way cool and it shows what’s possible when someone has belief, support and puts bucket loads of time, patience, discipline and fucking hard work into something.

Thank you for being part of this journey with me.