From 13:44 down to 11:37, same course and tougher conditions.

That’s what I call success. And the thing is, Michael Lawes only completed about 90% of the TS Ironman Blueprint  due to a heavy workload with a lot of travel in the months leading in.

I responded to an email Michael sent a long time ago and said “IF you STICK to the program, you’ll SMASH your previous time”.

Smash it he did and I’m over the moon for him.

Look, I can’t guarantee you’ll be as successful on the Ironman Blueprint as those that have smashed previous PB’s, and yes qualified to Kona.

Because it all comes down to implementation and YOUR attitude.

However, the athletes that go all in and take the action … or as I like to say to my coached athletes. IF you LISTEN, BELIEVE, APPLY and give good FEEDBACK you are much more likely to get the successes you’re striving for.

“Action is a great restorer and builder of confidence. Inaction is not only the result, but the cause,of fear. Perhaps the action you take will be successful; perhaps different action or adjustments will have to follow. But any action is better than no action at all.” — Norman Vincent Peale

This sport is becoming WAY over complicated and it doesn’t need to be.

When the program is structured correctly and not just focusing on aerobic metabolism the majority of the time you allow different systems to recover while you can then go ahead and tax another. This means much more quality in training.

When you’re are shown basically three simple skills (one for each discipline) that you need to develop to profoundly impact your results.

When you are shown how simple day to day, training, recovery and race nutrition should be and can be, it takes away the worry, the guess work of what is essentially the fourth discipline and one that screws a many an athletes race.

When you are shown the best methods for day to day recovery … by understanding that you’re better served by preparing the body to move rather than having to recover from movement.

When you are given the tools to develop unshakeable belief and confidence in yourself (or if it wanes … like it can do, a simple reminder to get you back on track)…

When you have these components.

When you focus on the SCREAMs and not the whispers.

Well … then your potential is calling.

“Your program is unbelievable value for money. The only other purchase I made was a set of wheels off a mate for $850. They may have given me 10 minutes on the ride…yet a $200 investment in your program banked me over 2 hours!!! That’s priceless!” — Michael Lawes

That’s right.

An INVESTMENT. An investment into YOU.

A smart investment in giving you the road map that will help you achieve your goals.

Nothing else to say other than it works if you work it.

Your can get on the right road here <ahref=””>

Rock on

P.S. check out this video on how training with TriSpecific may make you feel… sent by one of my coached athletes