Kristian Manietta (2x sub 9 hour Ironman athlete, age group champion and coach of ironman/70.3 champions and world champions) & Charlotte Paul (former professional triathlete, 2x Ironman champion and multiple 70.3 champion) have moved to Whistler with their son Mack.

We are grateful to move TriSpecific to Whistler and are stoked that we now have an Ironman in our backyard. We have moved from one beautiful location, Noosa Australia to another stunning location that is awe inspiring to live, train and play.

TriSpecific started in Sydney in 2006 and moved to sunny Noosa to help with Charlotte’s pro career in 2008. At that time due to all the traveling we expanded the business online and have developed a highly successful online training platform with fantastic athlete results.

With Whistler having an emerging triathlon community, and Kristian’s love to talk and educate, we are excited at the prospects of offering more face to face services again. | 604-902-3065



There is one thing we know from becoming both age group and professional Ironman Champions and creating them is that Ironman and even 70.3 Ironman are strength endurance events and on a course like we have here in Whistler, you need to be strong.

It doesn’t matter if you are a 15 hour Ironman or breaking anyone of the numerous hour barriers, everyone can benefit from more Ironman/70.3 specific strength development on the bike.

I have proven indoor sessions that will help you develop the type of strength and neuromuscular efficiency you need to ride strong all day in these last crucial and highly specific training weeks leading into Ironman and 70.3 Canada.

To further help your development on the bike we use a revolutionary indoor trainer called a Revbox.

What makes the Revbox unique?

1. The fan, which forms the heart of the trainer, operates almost entirely without centrifugal mass, giving the Revbox its very low inertia. This means that the athlete does not at any point in the 360° pedal stroke receive any assistance from the weight of the flywheel, as is the case with most other trainers.

This has the major advantage that all leg muscles are utilised through the entire pedal stroke. Low inertia training can best be described as riding uphill, or against the wind, where high inertia training can be compared to riding downhill or with the wind at your back.

2. The entire pedal stroke becomes audible through the sound of the fan, enabling the athlete to achieve an even and smooth pedalling motion. If the athlete succeeds in generating a sound from the Revbox that is even and constant throughout the pedal stroke, they can be sure that they are training all muscles equally. This is an invaluable advantage that no other trainer on the market can rival.

This allows you to create neuromuscular efficiency and the strength you need.

Starting June 2nd we will be hosting two classes per week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) in the lead up to IMC. There will be 2 time slots and available to 5 athletes only per time slot.

All you need to do is bring your bike, and your training kit. We provide the sweat towels, the trainers, the coaching and coffee. We also have a shower and towels for you to use if you need to dash off to work.

All sessions start with preparing your body for the demands you will place upon it. We do this through both RESET exercises and Trigger Point Tools. This helps open up the neurological pathways and blood flow and oxygen to the tissues creating greater efficiency of movement.​

​The cost is $250 for 13 sessions



I’m going to ‘steal’ from my friend and phenomenal swim coach Gerry Rodrigues of Tower 26 fame… Be Race Ready and to be race ready for Ironman or 70.3 Ironman Canada being swim fit, strong and comfortable in the open water is key to a successful day.

We see too many athletes like fish out of water when they exit and the fatigue from improper swim training compounds throughout the day. I like to say that swim training is run training… And I’ll expand upon that for those who come along to our open water swim sessions in the lead up to IMC.

TriSpecific will be holding free to join open water swims – Friday mornings starting June 3 at 6am. Turn up, get a TS swim cap, specific open water swim sessions and instructions.



Come and spend 3 fully focused days on getting the most qualitative and effective training and education in this ‘crucial’ last window before race day on July 24.

The question is, will you be Race Ready? And I mean properly prepared and thus race ready? In creating world champions, age group champions and athletes that just want to improve not only their times in IM but also the fun factor, the main thing I do is help remove the bottlenecks.

The 3 biggest areas that create race day success or failure are: Nutrition, Pacing and Mindset.

Come and learn the critical components of longer distance racing, training and tapering correctly. Nothing will be left to chance. I will ensure you’re doing all the right things in your preparation in this crucial last window.



You will swim, bike* and run over the Whistler IM course. These sessions will be simulation based so as to test nutrition, hydration, pacing, mental strategies that will leave you brimming with confidence.


We will spend time at “The Cabin” training facility where I’ll present to you on these topics thus giving you the keys to greatly help your chances of a successful day on July 24th.


All sessions will be coached and supported by myself and 2x Ironman Champion and multiple 70.3 Champion Charlotte Paul.


We will sit down in a casual environment and go over all your questions, concerns and challenges you have to overcome.


Each athlete will receive a goodie bag with some TriSpecific goodies, and TS partner products.



  • 3 days of Ironman specific race preparation over the swim, bike and run course.
  • Nutrition samples
  • Education based on the key components of executing a successful race day: Nutrition to avoid show stopping race day GI distress, proper hydration, how to pace correctly so you can finish strong, and the mental game. We will also cover things like bike set up, equipment, open water swimming (sighting and how to correctly put on a wetsuit), body maintenance and race week essentials.
  • Bike course vehicle support
  • TriSpecific Race week essentials, race day tips and race day nutrition rules ebooks.

Not Included

  • Accommodation, however I have a deal with the Whistler Athletes Centre. It’s $62/night for the standard room (2 single beds, bedside tables and lamps, clothing cabinets, complimentary wireless, and radiant temperature control). So twin share making is ~ $30 + tax/head per night.
  • Pool entry in case bad weather for open water swimming.
  • Meals



  • Mid morning/Lunchtime start. We will meet and greet and make our way to Rainbow Park to do an open water session, learn how to correctly put on wetsuit as it makes an enormous difference to your swimming efficiency. We will go over sighting techniques, pacing and more.
  • Afternoon. We will have some highly educational ‘lectures’ with QnA format to go over what’s important, what’s not, nutrition, pacing, mind set and more.
  • Informal dinner, this is optional but a way to get to know each other and ask me more questions.​


  • IMC bike course ride. We will have a specific race simulation session.
  • Run off the Bike- Saturday afternoon/evening free time to focus on recovery techniques covered on Friday


  • Long run on IMC course again following a highly specific session and focus points
  • Optional open water recovery swim
  • Lunch BBQ
  • Camp wrap up and debrief

Any questions can be addressed by email: kristian [at] or 604 902 3065​

Is the camp just for high level athletes?

No. The camp is for anyone that wants to ensure their best chances of success at Ironman or 70.3 Whistler. No matter your level we will have you fully covered. Nothing will be left to chance. You’ll either walk away with a road map to laying down a great day on the 24th of July or you’ll get your money back.

The camp is also available for those that may be racing Ironman at a later date or want to check out the course and learn a lot about Ironman training and racing.


Is your bike fit optimised for triathlon performance?

Bike fitting will be available from early June.

In order to become your best in our sport, it takes a lot of repetition. Repetition is one of the major pieces of the success puzzle but being a repetitive sport, when your fit or technique is off, these repetitive patterns can quickly lead to overuse injuries.

​That’s why it’s important to look at how you train (technique and the training itself) and how you move off the bike to see if you have any movement restrictions.

Without looking at your anatomical factors, you can never get a perfect fit.

We start with a F.I.S.T Certified Tri Bike Fit. ​TriSpecific Whistler is proud to share with the emerging Triathlon Whistler community the knowledge and expertise gained through Dan Empfield and his industry leading 5 day bike fit program from

Initial Bike Fit​

Location: ‘The Cabin’ by TriSpecific – 3133 Tyrol Crescent, Whistler

The Fitting Process:​

  • ​A consultation training/riding history, your athletic age, injury history, goals and your current training etc.
  • We go through a biomechanical assessment to get a visual understanding of how you move.
  • I take you through a bike fit assist program utilising the Trigger Point Performance Therapy tools and 6 core areas that will help unbind restrictions. With this education you will be able to maintain a proper bike fit.
  • Adjustments to your position on the bike and cleats, as needed.
  • Technique and posture while riding, and any prescriptions of exercises and technique correction if needed.
  • Email support through the adaptation period to your new bike fit. Typically the first couple of weeks.
  • If something stands out through the biomechanical assessment, I may refer you to Michael Conway of Back into Action Physio in Whistler before completing the fit.


​Initial Bike Fit is $250


Having a home based studio allows for flexible appointments.

Please call Kristian on (604) 902 3065 or email