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TS BLOG KONA TIME FB#118 – It’s Kona time October 9, 2015 - Pete and I chew the fat on Kona… Some tips, thoughts, our pie in the sky guesses and also on getting to the Big Island in 2016. In this episode we discuss: More mistakes Where to position yourself at the swim start The critical points on the bike How to deal with the heat Managing […]
TS BLOG Maffetone Kona FB#117 – Mistakes in Kona with Phil Maffetone October 8, 2015 - Pete and I speak with the good doctor, Phil Maffetone on avoidable mistakes athletes make in race week and on race day in Kona. Even if you are not in Kona this discussion applies to all races… We just see smaller errors in Kona become a big thing. If you are racing … It’s not […]
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