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FB 106 - Marc Pro blog FB#106 – Recover Faster, Feel Better, Compete Harder with Marc Pro August 28, 2015 - Today Pete and I had the opportunity to speak with founder of the Marc Pro EMS device Ryan Heaney. We have used and played with various EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) devices before but only came across the Marc Pro unit after speaking with Kelly Starrett. We got to delve into the science and how the […]
TS BLOG POST Future Loading Your Future Loading August 26, 2015 - (Video Transcript) Hey Kristian here from TriSpecific and just before I get my session underway today I have a question for you… I want to know, are you satisfied with where you currently are? And I mean truly satisfied? Or do you want more for yourself then just watching life go by? I really enjoy […]
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