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TFB 132 Blog FB#132 – Luke Tyburski and the Lessons of the 2000km Triathlon Quest November 27, 2015 - Today we have Luke Tyburski whom we had on back in episode #85 talking all about his quest of doing “The Ultimate Triathlon” a 2000km journey over 10 days. Luke had to deal with changes to 2 years of planning from the get go … And many other obstacles. It was pretty much a case […]
TS FB131 RDJ Blog FB#131 – Raoul De Jongh and The Zen Athlete Manifesto November 24, 2015 - Today we have one of my good friends and proud South African Raoul De Jongh on the Fat Black… Raoul was on way back when… Well one of my first podcast before it was the Fat Black. This man has so much wisdom attainable to anyone when they simply make the choose and developed awareness […]
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