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From the TriSpecific Triathlon Blog FB #74 – How to Become More Robust January 31, 2015 - Pete and I were searching for an angle for todays podcast. Some things keep popping up being an endurance athlete and working in the day to day with endurance athletes and that was robustness. When we’re robust good things happen. When we lose that robustness we can feel stuck in a not so fun place. […]
Lack of mobility is killing you Your lack of _________ is killing your Performance! January 28, 2015 - Why you have a problem and how it’s stupid simple to fix. “You have a breathing problem” That was my introduction to Geoff Neupert of Original Strength whom we have had on our Fat Black Podcast and spoke at our Triathlon World Summit. I met Geoff way back in March 2013 at a small mastermind meeting I was […]
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