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MAcca FB98 FB #98 Macca on The Attitude The Mindset on Training and Racing to Win July 3, 2015 - This week we wanted to dive into an interview we did with none other than Chris “Macca” McCormack on the Triathlon World Summit. Even if you own the TWS recordings or remember listening too it, it’s a great interview to go back to and get little nuggets of gold that can help you develop the […]
It's Your LIFE FB #97 – Own it June 27, 2015 - Today we go all impromptu on the Fat Black podcast… I’ve been writing a bit lately and preparing for this webinar (tonight), so it brings up a lot of things when it comes to getting the desired outcomes in this sport and our life. So today we talk, desire, commitment, intention. In Today’s Episode We […]
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