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FB# 239 – Dirk Bockel – TriSpecific


So today I have Dirk Bockel on the show. It’s been a long time since I’ve caught up with Dirk but we could have chatted for hours and likely would have if he wasn’t flying to Germany to the US the next morning for his upcoming book tour.

We talk about his new book The Art of Triathlon Training which is very thorough and definitely worth the read.

The book is in depth. It takes you through the theory and practice of it all. From taking those first steps, doing the groundwork, the tools for the job, the training, getting race ready, race day, the day after… analyzing your race and the mind of a champion. All very important and all could be topic points and a podcast on there own.

Today we dive into the journey. The mind stuff. Yes we will go down some training/racing do’s/don’ts rabbit holes but so much of what we can or cannot achieve is packaged in that grey matter between our ears.

I enjoyed this chat with Dirk and I think you will too.


  • The ego and losing the ego
  • No work life balance
  • Attacking and going all in
  • Pivoting and life after triathlon
  • The routine
  • 10 days of silence
  • The Extremes
  • Planning and writing it down
  • Balancing the four anchors and how to best navigate
  • The love of the process
  • Being who you are
  • On days off days in training, life and business
  • Life – it doesn’t begin with triathlon and it doesn’t finish with triathlon
  • Developing your inner game
  • And more

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