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  • TriSpecific Triathlon Coaching

    Accelerate your goals. TriSpecific offers innovative approaches to coaching and training. No hype, just real world coaching and results.  My coaching philosophy is simple, my methods are not.

  • Ironman 20 Week Blueprint

    The TS Ironman Blueprint goes against everything you think you know about training, racing, nutrition, recovery and is quite simply the most effective IM triathlon blueprint ever created.

  • Ironman 70.3 16 Week Blueprint

    Here’s your opportunity to take whopping amounts of time off your 70.3 bests. And if you’re lined up to do Ironman in 2014 or even late 2013 this plan will lay the foundations to take you to another level.

  • TriSpecific Gives Back charity: water

    Water changes everything. Can you imagine if we didn’t have access?  TriSpecific partners with charity: water, a non-profit organization bringing clean water to people in developing nations.

TRISPECIFIC Friday Fat Black Podcast

The Friday Fat Black podcast covers all topics Ironman Triathlon and how you can improve massively with focus on marginal gains. Basically we are highly performance orientated, are #allergictoaverage and understand that the answers have changed. We’ll show you how to get to your potential and make it enjoyable at the same time.

From the TriSpecific Triathlon Blog

FATisFUEL.P2blog FFB #46 (Part 2) Optimised Fat Metabolism with Peter Defty September 16, 2014 - Wow. How good was Part 1? If you missed that make sure you go listen to FFB#46 Part 1 first otherwise you’re missing a huge part of the process. The second part of that episode we continue the awesomeness. Today we cover VESPA. What is it? Using VESPA in training. How to use VESPA in racing to optimise […] FFB# 46 Optimised Fat Metabolism with Peter Defty – Part 1 September 12, 2014 - Today we pick the brain of Peter Defty of Vespa Nutrition, on everything you need to know about Fat Adaptation and Optimised Fat Metabolism. Peter has been driving OFM knowledge for quite a wile now and today he helps you understand the ins and outs of the process and why it is absolutely vital to […]
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