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The Fat Black podcast covers all topics Ironman Triathlon and how you can improve massively with focus on marginal gains. Basically we are highly performance orientated, are #allergictoaverage and understand that the answers have changed. We'll show you how to get to your potential and make it enjoyable at the same time.

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TS BLOG WIN YOUR DAys Win Your Days September 4, 2015 - Transcript coming tomorrow!
FB 107 - Richard Allen blog FB#107 – Richard Allen – Spreading the Word on the PTU September 4, 2015 - Today Pete and I talk with ex-professional triathlete, Richard Allen who is heading up the new Professional Triathlon Union, or the PTU. The PTU is all about helping pro athletes be more professional and thus be respected enough that they get rewarded for their hard work. Ironman just sold (after this interview was done) for $650M […]
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